Mexico Day 9: Practicing our Spanish

The Guiders were out partying like it was 1999 last night so blogging was delayed to various moments throughout today. Today’s will come tomorrow.

Yesterday we started out with a short program called Free Being Me which tackled the image myth. The focus was on social media and ads. We discussed how images are manipulated to present one standard of perfect which doesn’t truly exist. The final activity in the program was for each of us to write on a sticky note what physical feature of ours we liked the best. We then stuck them up on a wall so we could see all of our love for ourselves!

Visitors to Our Cabana create a page for a scrapbook so we spent some of our free time in the craft house working on our page. We have a Quebec flag as our background with pictures of us glued on and cute Canada stickers stuck on a bit willy-nilly.

After lunch learned about Mexican traditions. There were a bunch of stations set up with different activities. Each time a person completed an activity they received a gold coin (chocolate). If you collected 3 you could trade them in for a small prize and if you collected 5, you could claim a bigger prize.

Three stations helped us practice our Spanish; loteria (Mexican bingo),  a market game where we learned how to haggle and a word search. The haggling was one of the most fun, as June, the staff member running the station, was really playing the part. When we we were asking her to lower the price she rocked her imaginary baby and said it needed tacos.

For those more artistically inclined, there was a Day of the Dead makeup station and for trivia nerds, there was a challenging game of Jeopardy.

Us Guiders went out for dinner to an absolutely gorgeous restaurant with fountains, gardens, a koi pond and an art gallery! The food was delicious and plentiful. The girls had an evening of friendship themed activities and ended the night with some Just Dance.

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