Mexico Day 10: Hasta Luego Our Cabaña!

This is our final blog as we start our trek back home to Canada. We’re a tad behind with our blogging so we’d like to tell you about yesterday as we travel to the airport.

In the morning we went to Cuernavaca. We started off visiting the oldest Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere (1500s) before buying our final souvenirs in a local craft market.

The group split in 2 with some visiting a very underwhelming mall (although it had a Krispy Kreme, a McDonalds with a chocoroles (sort of like a Swiss roll) McFlurries a Subway) and others staying at the market. Lizzie bought a hammock chair and is hoping it will make it into the flight. The mall group also got 10 minutes of culture at a free museum of prehistoric carvings.

We made it back in time for a late lunch and some free time before our evening Fiesta! The few of us who were working to complete the Scorpion Challenge finished that up just in time. Examples of things we had to do were: taking a selfie with Nieve (Our Cabaña’s cat), finding out the meaning/history of things like the piñata (did you know it was originally from China?) and the Mexican flag, completing a Mexican art project, taking a picture of a volcano at sunrise and helping to ring the morning bell.

Our evening festivities began with some games like pin the tail on the burro, a ring toss, and other silly games.

Then, after dinner (with churros!!!), we’re treated to a show by a Mariachi band, girls got to hit a piñata (Stephanie specifically because she was the you hear Canadian), we enjoyed a slide show of the week including blooper photos and we received our special Our Cabaña pins that you can Orly get if you visit. There were some (lots and lots of?) tears, many goodbyes and photos.

We also traded the secret friends bags we had been filling all week and received fun things like crests, magnets, socks, snacks, tea, oats, water guns, a hand-painted journal, etc.

The girls didn’t get a whole lot of sleep with a couple groups leaving in the middle of the night, but there will be time for that on the airplane.

Hasta Luego!

Monklands District Travellers

Ps. Made it home safe. First class was great! The hammock made it too!

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