Mexico Day 7: Over the Falls Without A Barrell

Today’s blog post brought to you by Stephanie (in the pool), Rebekka, Kathryn and Beverly.

Today we all got sunburnt – by no fault of our own but to protect the environment. We went waterfall jumping in a protected park where they didn’t allow sunscreen or bug spray. They told us there would be no bugs and lots of shade but it was a LIE! Well there was some shade but not enough for us not to burn.

But I guess we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We should start at the beginning…after an early breakfast, we boarded a coach bus that drove us an hour and a half away into a different province (Guerrero) where we then took a half hour ride in the back of pick-up trucks. Amazingly the excitement didn’t ware off as the pain of the bumps began and continued. There was great joy through the “owwww”s. According to Rebekka’s Fitbit, we did 10,700 steps during the just a few hours today because it kept counting the bumps as steps.

The company providing the experience gave us PFDs and helmets and we started out 1 mile hike out through twisting paths, rocks, mud, and trees that led to jumps that grew in height. We started with a 1m one to see what our technique was like and they eventually increased all the way to 6 and then 10 meters. A couple stray dogs followed us all the way through (minus the jumping) and we saw a number of cows and donkeys on our journey too.

One of the volunteers found a plant and had us guess what it was – anis! (Yes, Ter, we’re including something about food just for you).

All of our group members were brave enough to do the 10m jump and some of them even did it twice – they say they would have done it a third time too! There will be lots of pictures of the actual jumping to come but they were taken by the company Guiding us so we don’t have them yet.

The hike back in our waterlogged shoes and clothes was interesting…we are glad we brought shoes that we didn’t care about because some of us are now throwing them out. We crowded an extra 2 people in the back of our truck on the way back so almost all of our group was together with our legs tied in a human knot. The excitement from the morning hadn’t dwindled a bit.

There were lots of sleepers in the bus ride and showers felt great on our return. You might think that that was enough water for the day but 4 girls are back in the pool this evening!

PS. When Kathryn told her mom about the jumping she said: “Good thing you did your swim test. I’m sure that swimming 50m and treading water for 1m prepared you to jump 10m!”

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2 Responses to Mexico Day 7: Over the Falls Without A Barrell

  1. Terry says:

    I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  2. Susan MacGregor says:

    Thank you for sharing, we too are looking forward to the jumping pictures.

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