Mexico Day 6: Tiny Humans, Lizards and Snacks

We are all currently in sugar overload (Clara, Rebekka, Stéphanie, Fred, Kathryn, Beverly and Lizzie). The others are too but they went to bed.

Today we drew on mini children during a community service project where we welcomed tiny humans (orphans) to Our Cabaña. They were very cute and sticky. They were the best behaved children we have ever met and made us emotional. They also drew on us. Stephanie and one of the girls from the Bahamas got hit a lot by balls while playing with them after our round-robin station.

There was an awesome huge lizard that we kept scaring back into its hole. Did we mention it was huge??

After lunch we headed out walking around the neighbourhood. We found a Starbucks and, by chance, happened on some pyramids. We couldn’t get past a fence but it was still kind of neat! We wanted to go to a 7/11 but ended up at an OXXO that was closer for new snacks. We should mention that they do feed us well here, we just like to try new things.

Beverley and Stephanie found a leaf larger than their faces. There were pictures.

Tonight was an international festival where each group presented something about their hometown/country and we all set up tables with food, badges, etc. (Hence the sugar overload). The Bahamians handed out as much candy as people could carry, one of the US groups let us taste test all their cookies. We had maple cookie. During our presentation, we sang Oh Canada in both official languages and taught Cathedral Bells.

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