Mexico Day 5: Old and New

Blog post by Guiders Lizzie, Beverly and Kathryn. The other girls have made too many new friends to hang out with us. Alex joined in partway. Disclaimer: this post is full of sarcasm.

The 3 of us Guiders contributed to colours this morning with the theme of Leading for Innovation: Creative and Critical Thinking. We began with some inspiring quotes, then had groups of ten do the human knot and finally, raised the WAGGGS flag.

Stephanie discovered the joys of odd bread covered in a solid custard like substance dipped in yogourt.

After breakfast we boarded mini busses for our first of two excursions – heading to the village of Tepotzlan. We started our time there at an ex-convent where Dominican friars converted the locals to Catholicism. There were multiple layers of paint that we couldn’t touch for fear of damaging it with the oil in our hands and a staircase leading to nowhere. Then, we continued on to the local church that has been under repair since an earthquake a few years ago. The locals have been innovative and now have an outdoor church under a tent.

Since it’s been a while since we talked about food, we will permit ourselves to discuss this morning’s highlight: a local ice cream shop with 138 flavours (but only 125 were available). 2 of us wanted apricot and were disappointed. Flavours we tried included vanilla, blackberry, cream, mango, chocolate, tequila con limon, kiwi and litchi. Some were made with milk and others were more icy but all were flavourful. The group decided that was a worthwhile purchase.

Then we went on to visit many, many stalls at a local market. It was very nice because people were not harassing us to buy their items which made Kathryn less irritated. Our group purchased items like earrings, shoes, clothes, a pencil case, cocoa, chocolate and crickets. We made it back half an hour later than planned for our already very late lunch: 2:30 pm. Luckily we were prepared and had brought snacks. You might think we were Girl Guides!

This afternoon, we were split up by room (which meant leaders had our own teams) to play a game about WAGGGS. The girls were far more competitive than we were – especially Beverly who hates competitive games when they get violent. There are only of battle scars to show – none of them belonging to our girls because we are mean and make them were shoes rather than flip flops or bare feet.

The game ended with everyone in the pool where they stayed until dinner. We leaders chatted with adults from other countries and compared our safety rules relating to pools. We appear to be the only country where a swim test is necessary.

We ended the evening with a fabulous campfire where everyone led songs from their country. There much hilarity, silliness and dancing. Then we had s’mores! Including some with pink marshmallows that tasted like fake strawberry flavour. They were…interesting…

Lizzie was very disconcerted when the buckets next to the fire that she expected to be water buckets were lit on fire! Where was the safety?!?!? It turned out later that there was a water bucket way off to the side.

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2 Responses to Mexico Day 5: Old and New

  1. Bob Barnes says:

    Fantastic stories and photos. I’m glad you are all having a blast.

    Thank you +++ to the evil shoe-insisting leaders. I don’t want to eat anyone out, but I believe I saw some pool photos that included (learns in to whisper) bare feet. 😉


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