Mexico day 1: Welcome to Mexico!

We have arrived in Mexico and the girls have agreed to take turns blogging. Today you’re hearing from Chloe, Alex, Rebekka, Stefanie, Lizzie and Kathryn.

The day started off well, with everyone arriving on time! We’d learned a few weeks ago that we got an amazing deal on our tickets and half the group was getting to travel first class each way. Nobody was too bothered about whose turn it was first as we all knew we’d get a chance. It turns out the perks were great – better food, extra snacks, fancy napkins, actual cutlery and even footrests! In economy, breakfast (or disappointment) involved a perfect semi-sphere of powdered scrambled eggs with ham, a questionable red sauce, some fruit and yogourt. The plastic cutlery was sturdy enough to be acceptable.

Once we arrived at the airport, we went through customs, including being fingerprinted at a machine (it turns out only some of us have recognizable fingers). We made it through looking for our driver with a sign with our name. Unfortunately, we finally managed to contact him 45 minutes later and found out that he was another 45 minutes out, having gotten the day wrong. This gave us the chance to explore some local snacks from a 7/11. The Cheetos were extremely orange and came with a package of hot sauce and the cheese chips actually tasted like real cheese. Crazy!

The drive to Ticalli was uneventful and the Mexican Guide Centre is welcoming and functional. We didn’t take too much of a break for fear of not getting up again so we dropped off our gear and headed out. Lizzie had forgotten her toothbrush so we went to a grocery/corner store and checked out some more foreign snacks. We were very excited to find “churritos.” We opened the bag, dug in to enjoy our mini churros until we discovered that they were hot pepper flavored. Someone more observant might have noticed the chili on the bag.

Next on our list was dinner. Thanks to a recommendation from Pam (Lizzie’s mom), we tried the restaurant right next to Ticalli. We enjoyed some authentic Mexican food and delicious fruit juice. A wasp decided to burrow itself into Stephanie’s lentil burger, much to her disappointment. Chloe shared some new discovery that we think might have been pickled cactus. Reactions were varied. Chloe started a new religion, the rest of us are still unsure. A few locals stopped by our table to welcome us to Mexico/attempt to sell us various items. The most memorable was a man who came by a few times to tell us how shy Mexicans are and who asked Kathryn to do him an important favour. We expected him to ask for money until he revealed what he really wanted: “Can you do me a favour and stop being so beautiful?” It’s now an ongoing joke.

Last on our day’s bucket list was actual churros. They were as good as we hoped, dipped in sweetened condensed milk, caramel and chocolate. They were much longer than we expected so we could break them into pieces and dip multiple times. Stephanie would like everyone to know that the chocolate sauce tasted just as good when she drank it…

We’re all exhausted so we’re heading off to bed.

More tomorrow!

Ps. I apologize for typos as I’m typing on a phone…

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2 Responses to Mexico day 1: Welcome to Mexico!

  1. Harvey01 says:

    Sounds great. Food seems to be the main focus, though… Don’t forget some culture!

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