Day 5: Three Intelligent Girls and a Rickshaw Bag

This morning we went out into the community to visit one of Sangam’s partner organizations (Deep Griha) that is part health clinic, part dental office, part daycare and part educational centre. We headed out right after a quick debrief of yesterday’s movie and pancake (with real maple syrup) breakfast.

They put us in groups of 3 and we took rickshaws to get there. Our driver was a fair bit more aggressive in his driving than our past ones had been which lead to our quote of the day. He was driving like crazy and we had no idea where we were heading so we got a tad worried. Marie-Eve turned to us and said: “we’re three intelligent girls, we’ll get there.” And I just looked at her and said “we’re three intelligent girls — with a rickshaw bag (a bag that Sangam gave us with money and directions in English and the local language) — that’s why we’ll get there.” We all agreed that the bag was the key.

While there we got to take a walk around the centre and they gave a presentation about HIV/AIDS which included stats, myths, and exploding a condom with coconut oil.

We headed back to Sangam for lunch. Since its meatless Monday and Sangam takes it one step further to vegan Monday, we had delicious samosas. It was very hot out so most of us went swimming in the pool before our afternoon sessions started.

The first one was led by an Indian woman who works as a community liaison here. She had us play some communication games, told us a bit about Indian culture an answered any questions we had about life in India. It turned into a giant discussion about marriage in different cultures and I revealed scandalous information about my parents not being married that baffled one of the Indian girls (Sweety) beyond belief.

Our second afternoon session was all about advocacy. We learned all about WAGGGS’ campaign for the 17 days against gender violence and took some pictures to tweet to join the #GirlsAreValuable because… conversation. Check it out on Twitter!

We had delicious falafels and hummus for dinner (dinner tends to not be Indian) and then talked about plans for tomorrow. We’re going to be participating in a rally for World AIDS day so we made banners and discussed social media plans. You should be able to follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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3 Responses to Day 5: Three Intelligent Girls and a Rickshaw Bag

  1. Terry Knowles says:

    I guess you can tell Sweety that about half of all couples (with or without children) in Quebec aren’t married these days.

  2. Pam says:

    So glad to be able to baffle people 🙂 What an amazing time you are having. I’m so glad to be able to follow along. Too bad I don’t do twitter…

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