Day 4: All of the Feelings

This morning started bright and early when we climbed to the top of the water tower to see the great view. It wasn’t a staircase but rather a ladder inside a grated-in tube on the outside of the tower so it was somewhat scary. I ended up with bruises all over my knees from banging them on the rungs.

After breakfast, we spent most of the morning discussing the state of HIV/AIDS in the countries that we represent. We got off topic and talked about sex ed and women’s issues as well. It was very enlightening. We had a new girl (Shrishti) join us from Nepal in the middle of the night so we have grown to a group of 9.


After another Indian lunch we had a session about leadership and communication with Kaitlin. We played a bunch of games and did an activity where we wrote down the skills and qualities of a good leader.

Then, we watched part of a heartbreaking documentary called Half the Sky. We only saw 2 sections out of 8 but here were about female genital mutilation in Somalia and generational prostitution in India. We tried to connect up to a live feed of a Girl Guide event in Oman but either our internet or theirs wasn’t working well enough.

Kaitlin’s grandmother has been here visiting and she, Kaitlin, Marie-Eve and I got invited to Sangam’s yoga teacher’s house for dinner tonight. It was about a 15 minute walk and it was very interesting to see different parts of the community. When we got there she took us to see her cow so she could feed it before dinner. We also got to meet her sister in law who is from Columbia and who used to work at Sangam. I loved hearing all of their stories!

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One Response to Day 4: All of the Feelings

  1. I’m loving reading about your Sangam adventures! Great water-tower photo.

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