Day 3: Rickshaws Over Busses

I remember when I travelled to China, everyone warned me not to take a rickshaw. I tried it a couple of times and agreed that I should have listened. My Mom and I had an absolutely terrifying drive where we were traveling, weaving in and out of traffic, in the wrong direction.

We took our second Indian rickshaw today and they are much less terrifying! They zoom around traffic, but there don’t really seem to be any traffic laws here so they fit right in.

On the other hand, Indian busses are insane! They don’t really stop and you kind of have to run to jump in. Don’t even think about not holding on once you get inside. In fact, you’d better hold on with both hands.

Anyways, that’s the end of today’s story. I’d better start at the beginning. After breakfast this morning we had a session about communities and our role in them. We drew community maps to represent ourselves at Sangam and talked about WAGGGS’ “be the change” toolkit for taking action.

We also had two community partners come talk about their organizations and the history of HIV/Aids in India.

After lunch Natasha, an independent guest (Stephanie) and I visited a sweet shop nearby to try some Indian candy.

Then we had a session about the sustainable development goals –17 goals that are replacing the MDGs until 2030. It was interesting to see what progress has been made around the world and how the direction is evolving.

Our evening involved taking a rickshaw to Laxami road for tons of shopping and dinner out. I rode over with Agnes from Mauritius and Ifatt from Bangladesh. We talked about our hobbies and life back home. We all visited a sari and Punjabi store and bought fabric to be tailored tomorrow. Dinner was very similar to the Indian food we have been eating here for lunch, but we got nan for the first time! I managed to buy a few gifts but won’t say too much here since I don’t know who is reading.

We were all quite exhausted after dinner when we took the bus back to Sangam. At least we can say we did it once!

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