Day 2: The Event Begins

The event began for real at lunch today so this morning was our last chance to relax and explore on our own.

We took a look at the Sangam challenge that we can earn. It has all different sections that encourage us to learn or do activities about India, Sangam, WAGGGS and the environment. There was a similar one at Our Chalet when we were there. We get to choose different activities to do from each section. So far we have done 10 laps of the pool, invented a synchro routine, learned to say “be prepared” in multiple languages, learned a Sangam song and a few other things I can’t remember right now.

After morning snack we headed out of the compound in search of spices. The staff here has recommended a place with an English speaker who told us all about the spices we could buy and how they are used.

The event began with a quick ceremony followed by icebreakers, a tour of the site and an explanation of what we can expect this week and what we will be doing. Lunch was Indian-style again with paneer, veggies, rice and chapatti.

Before dinner we went on a neighbourhood walk, saw some temples and visited a local house that belonged to someone who used to work at Sangam.

Dinner was semi-western with fries and interesting chicken patties.

The real opening ceremony happened with us all in official uniform
at night. There were candles, flowers and blessings.

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