Day 1: India Smells Like Cilantro…Among Other Things

It was so nice to get a few hours of sleep in a real bed. I actually woke up feeling relatively refreshed this morning. Our program doesn’t actually start until tomorrow so we spent the day wandering around Sangam, lazing in hammocks, and swimming in the pool.

Last we heard there were supposed to be 27 people here for the event but it sounds like it is going to be just 8 of us — one from Australia, one from Madagascar, one from Bangladesh, two of us from Canada, two from India and possibly one more Indian girl arriving tomorrow.

We decided to do a little bit of shopping this afternoon since we had free time so we took a rickshaw into a shopping area. It was nowhere near as crazy driving as in China, but Natasha (from Australia) thought it was pretty crazy!

I got a new skirt with elephants on it and Marie-Eve got a couple of pairs of pants. The experience was very similar to a Chinese shopping excursion — lots of small stalls with vendors pulling out everything they thought you could possibly want.

We had some nice Indian food today: chapatti, cabbage, rice and dahl for lunch and chicken rice and cauliflower for dinner. It was all a bit spicy but not too bad. We even got real chai at chai time!”>IMG_4409.JPG
I’m still feeling a little jet lagged and dazed so I’m very happy we decided to come a day early.

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