Super Guide Program

Right now, I am sitting in bed at a Holiday Inn in Toronto because I’m at a Girl Guide training conference specifically for Ontario Guide leaders. I flew in from Sudbury this evening with another young woman from Sudbury and we arrived just in time for the opening and our first session of the weekend.

Over the course of the weekend, we’re all going to be learning through 4 sessions that we chose and tomorrow morning, there will be a whole presentation by Disney.

My first session tonight was all about girl engagement and it was definitely engaging. We talked all about how to get the girls interested, work on their leadership and independence and have fun through games (many of which we played). I have been to some interesting training events before, but none with this many Guiders or with so much cool information and so many neat ideas to take back to my unit.

We played picture telephone, 4 corners and a rope, PB and Jam, Huckle Buckle, . And, I even got a cool crest for volunteering to play one of the games. It says: “Cleverly Disguised as a responsible adult.”


It is wonderful to be here with so many great women from all over Ontario and a few from other provinces. They served us snacks before bed and I felt like I could just go sit down at any table and start up a conversation with people about Guiding in their lives. I don’t remember anyone’s name, but I have chatted with at least a couple dozen people so far and they all have unique experiences to share. I’m sure it’s only going to get better!

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