How the Girl Guides Won the War

Guides was ca9780007356317ncelled due to the weather tonight, but I Started reading “How the Girl Guides won the war” today and wanted to share a few quotes in light of Remembrance day:

“Older Guides were shown helping on a farm or rowing on a river (they may have been looking out for German parachutists disguised as nuns, a common fear at the time)”

“When I began writing this book, my perspective was that of a a flower-child of the 1960s, who shunned uniforms and rules. i intended to write a satire on Guides and Brownies, making fun of Ging-gang-gooliies and dyb-dyb-dob, standing for ‘do your best, do our best’. But the more stories I read, and the more former Brownies and Guides I met, the more I came to realize what an important part of the twentieth-century history the Guide movement was. Much to my amazement, I saw the Guides had played a crucial part in feminist history and the women’s equality movement. Their achievements, though, have been largely overlooked, and their influence for the most part unrecorded.”

“In 1934, Guiders, leaders of Guide companies in Wetherby, Yorkshire had written to Lady Baden-Powell asking her what they and their Guides should do if war broke out again. She replied:

Dear Guiders,
It is practically impossible for anyone to decide now ‘What
we would do if England went to war’. Our whole thought and
work should be directed into the prevention of such a thing,
and I feel too much of this discussion of war and its horrors
leads people to THINK about it too much, and thus to
become what has been called ‘war minded’.
Should it ever come about that England does go to war
again it would be none of OUR MAKING. This is far more
difficult for MEN to consider. But for women there are
always the all important matters and ways in which they can
serve humanity – in peace and war – i.e. nursing, caring for
children, alleviating suffering of all kinds, food production,
and so on.

I also hope, MOST devoutly, that there will never come a
time when you will have to face the question in earnest!.
Good wishes to you, and your Brownies,

Olave Baden-Powell”

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