This week we decided to cover the inventing badge with the Guides. Upon discovering how much talking the program book recommended, I set about modifying the badge a little, but still keeping the main gist of the purpose. Here are the four activities I came up with:

1. Invention Jeopardy

I wanted to get the girls talking about past inventions and to see how much they knew about inventors. So, I created a jeopardy game:

Inventors Communication Travel Other
100 Galileo first used me to look at the stars and Jupiter’s Moons


Papyrus and parchment are 2 of my ancestors



I replaced horse as a mode of transportation


I was originally called a suction broom


200 Alexander Graham Bell invented me to talk to people over long distances


People used to type on me


In the past I have been powered by steam and by coal


Although some people are afraid of me, my invention has saved people from many illnesses around the world


300 Henry ford invented the assembly line which was mainly used to make me at first


For a long time you could only watch me in black and white


The Wright brothers built the first version of me


Kites were invented in this Asian country


400 Gabriel Farenheit invented the modern version of me


The telegraph is my ancestor


I am the oldest human carrying flight machine. I rise thanks to hot air.

Hot Air Balloon

Hairs were originally taken from the back of a pig’s head to make my bristles.


500 The man who invented the lightbulb

Thomas Edison

Johannes Gutenberg

Invented a machine that makes it possible for you to read

Printing press

The first version of me was built in Russia and was made to transport a satellite called Spoutnik


I was originally invented to quickly seal wounds during wartime

Super glue

I printed out this table I made and then simply wrote the titles and the point values on index cards that I set out on the floor.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Race

This activity is a version of one we did at a staff training for Girl Guide camp a few years back. I divided the unit into patrols and gave each one 8 toilet paper rolls. The rules were that they were trying to get 10 marbles from one end of the room to the other but that they couldn’t touch the marbles with their hands and that they couldn’t move their feet when they were holding the toilet paper rolls. As an added difficulty, I told them that they toilet paper rolls could not touch the ground. If any of the marbles fell out, they had to take it back to the beginning of the race.

They quickly discovered that the most difficult part was getting the marbles into the toilet paper rolls in the first place. Once they were in, they could simply bend the rolls and pass them down a chain.

3. Mix and Match

For this activity, I let each patrol pull four pieces of paper out of a hat. They had to pick 2 of the 4 inventions and combine them into something new. Then, they had to create a commercial to sell it to the leaders who would choose which one they wanted to buy.

I think the funniest one was a hairdryer that would blow your hair back perfectly as it took a selfie of you. The other three were a bicycle that drew rainbows on the ground, a calculator that had a DVD player that explained math as you used it and a washing machine with a kettle that boiled water for tea as you did your laundry.

The words I used were: Hairdryer Microwave, Pen, Cell Phone, Flashlight, Shoe, Bicycle, Washing Machine, Doorknob, Kettle, Watch, Calculator, Fridge, Camera, DVD, Parachute

4. Improv

Our last activity was a game I played during a team building session at Disney World when I travelled there with Rangers (or Senior Branches as we were called at the time). It involved being quick on your feet and thinking creatively. Basically, I pulled out an object out of a box and one person from each patrol had to come up, one at a time and use the object as something new. For example, a pen could become a Microphone or a carrot. Each time I said “switch,” someone new had to come up. If a team said something that had already been said or if they took too long, they were out and we continued until only one team was still in.

The objects I used were a stapler, a piece of paper and a roll of duct tape. Each round took about 10 minutes and the girls kept asking for more!

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