Campfire Enrolement

It was finally time to enrol our Guides so we searched the internet and found this fun campfire themed ceremony. All of the girls and leaders participated in building a makeshift campfire out of rocks, trigs, pinecones and logs where each symbolized different things such as knowledge and fun the advancing girls were bringing from Brownies, friendship and skills the 2nd and 3rd years would share and the sturdy logs of leadership from the Guiders.

We had quite a few 1st years to enrol so they came up by patrol and recited their promise. There were 6 of us and it was taking quite a while for them to shake everyone’s hand, so after a while we decided to high-five instead. Apparently I’m the cool, young new leader because I actually got a fist-bump as well!

As per ceremony tradition, enrolment evolved into a chance to gather and eat. There was lots of tasty food so nobody left hungry!

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