Home in Montreal for the International Day of the Girl

I was home for reading week this week so I got to go and visit my Guides from last year! It was so great to see all of them and we had a wonderful meeting all about The International Day of the Girl.

When our first girl arrived, we traced her out on a piece of paper and stuck the shape up on a wall. As the rest of the girls arrived, we asked them to write words about being a girl on the paper.

After horseshoe, we made a giant circle (they have 32 girls this year) and asked them about why they thought it was important to have a day about girls. They came up with some interesting topics but we didn’t stay in the circle for too long because little group discussions are easier and more pleasant. Instead, we split them up into 3 groups and had them round-robin through the rest of the night’s activities.

The first activity involved watching 2 videos: “Like a Girl” and “Your Brain on Engineering.” After the first video, the girls made lists of “put-ups” and “put-down” typically used for girls and talked about how they made them feel. After the second video, they made a list of “girl job” and “boy jobs” and talked about how restrictive the labels were.

At the second round-robin station, I had found some statistics about girls around the world and had the girls try to match the numbers to the statements. Then, we discussed how unfair things were and how they thought girls’ conditions could be better.

At that station, I also gave each girl a piece of paper and asked them to complete the sentence “I’m proud to be a girl because…” At the end of the meeting, we took a picture of all of them holding up their answers. Unfortunately, the girls wrote pretty small and it’s not very clear.

At the last station, the girls made collages about being a girl and the challenges they face.

We had hoped to read the poem Girls Can Move Oceans but we unfortunately ran out of time!

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