Rachel Rainbow

I’ve always been close to the people I have Guided with but this reality became even clearer to me when I attended my friend Rachel’s wedding last weekend. Rachel and I met when I moved to Guelph, Ontario for my undergraduate degree and joined a Spark unit there. Rachel was a Guide Leader and we had a joint Spark and Guide camp near the end of the year. I already knew that Sparks weren’t my preferred age group and it sounded like Rachel was going to have a class during her Guide meeting time-slot the next year so we agreed to switch units. It turned out that Rachel was too attached to the Guides and ended up attending both units’ meeting, but that’s where our friendship began.

We had a bit of a tough year and we both ended up switching out and into different units partway through that year but challenges bring you closer and we have always kept in touch. We took a class together and I went back to visit her in Guelph a couple of times after I moved out as well.

She is one of the people who inspires me to do more as a Guider as she is currently the Contact Guider for a Brownie unit, a Guider for a Spark unit, the chair of Canadian Guider editorial committee and planning to take a patrol to Guiding Mosaic 2016. So, it was of little surprise to me when she told me that I would be sitting at the “Guider Table” at her wedding. I only knew one other person there but we chatted as Guiders are known to do and it was obvious that Rachel provides Guidespiration in their lives too. She even brought a Spark doll with her so should could take a picture of it with her and the wedding cake!

I wish her all the best in her new adventures and I’m sure that her husband Pat is used to what my Dad would describe as never ending talk about all things Guiding related. I hear he may even be joining the Scouts!

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