Meeting #4: Guide Basics

This week at Guides was all about the traditions and Basics of being a Guide.

They played a game about learning their promise where they sat in a circle and passed a message along as though they were playing telephone but instead passed along pieces of the promise. The first girl whispered “I,” the second girl whispered “I promise,” the third girl whispered “I promise to” and so on. We kept going around the circle until someone whispered the whole promise.

Our second game involved the Guiding Law. Instead of simply learning it off by heart, they paired up and were given a section that they had to act out (such as “Use my resources wisely”) for everyone else to guess.

Then, we placed all the 1st year girls in new patrols and had the older girls tell everyone why they thought they would make the best patrol leader or seconder. The 3rd years got to request a leader and seconder by blind vote. Once the patrols were made, they got to choose their emblem and take a look at their patrol box that includes pens, papers, scissors, etc.

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