Guide Camp

On Friday we headed off to Guide Camp and Camp Wilabosca with 17 of our 18 Guides and 5 leaders. It had been raining most of the day but we got a clear break as we arrived and set up in relative dryness. Girls slept in 2 cabin with us in a middle one and we also had a large cabin with a kitchen we could use.

Most of our first night was spent going over how camp works, rules, eating snack and having cabin time. While the girls got ready for bed, we pre-cooked the bacon for the morning. We had a few homesick girls and nobody went to bed very early but we made it though the night.


On saturday, we got up at 7 a.m and reheated the bacon while the girls who were on cook duty sliced fruit and made us pancakes. You’ll notice that food prep, eating and clean-up take up at least 50% of camp time. After breakfast, we went on a tour of the grounds, discovered that windy lake is very windy and the girls got some time to play on a giant play structure made out of tires and rope.

climbing action jump jump2    tightrope

By the time girls started to get cold, it was time to make lunch — grilled cheese and soup. While some girls cooked, others got started on some friendship bracelets that they continued off and on throughout the camp. After a nice warm lunch, we headed back outside to set up tents. The girls were given the choice of spending the second night in a tent or going back to their cabins and 3 of them chose tents so they all got to practice setting them up outside.




After the tents went up, it was time for some games. They learned a timber hitch and relay-raced a lot back and forth while chanting their team cheer. Next camp the spiderweb game. Two of the leaders had wrapped rope back and forth across a few trees and the girls were challenged to get the whole group from one side to the other. The catch was, each hole could only be used once! They managed much faster than I expected. We still had a bit of time before dinner so they got to play manhunt, a game they had chosen when they planned camp. It seemed like a cross between tag, sardines and camouflage.

I introduced them to one of my camp favourites for dinner: Tacos in a bag! Only one of the girls had ever had them before so it was a new experience. Our cooks chopped and diced the veggies and cooked up all out meat.

rainsuits running in the rain

After dinner, the girls were fading fast but we made macrame water bottle holders out of yarn. I discovered that most of them didn’t know how to tie two pieces of yarn together (something I’ve discovered before with Guides) but they learned and were getting quite good at it by the end of the craft.

Before bed we still had to have campfire and their choice of s’mores or banana boats. It was cold and rainy outside so we did it inside with an indoor campfire with real flames!


Girls were much faster to fall asleep — no surprise there! They packed up very quickly in the morning and worked as a team to take their luggage up to the parking lot before breakfast (bagels–but not Montreal ones–fruit, yogourt and leftover bacon and pancakes). They packed up the tents, cleaned their cabins and helped carry out all the supplies before a quick Guide’s Own where they reflected on all the new things they had done and learnt.

All in all, despite the weather, the girls had fun! I also accomplished my goals of staying dry, learning all their names and not getting eaten by a bear!


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