Meeting #3: Cookie Blitz interupted

The goal of tonight’s meeting was to head around the neighbourhood with out freshly delivered cookies and sell as many as we could with the girls. Not only would this help diminish the number of cases that girls would have to sell individually, it would also teach them how to safely and politely go door to door.

The night began fairly well. We split into 3 groups and made it to about 20 houses each before one of the leaders I was with got a text from one of the other small groups: Bear! Apparently someone had talked to someone’s wife who had seen a bear at some point. Well that wasn’t too specific, but we began paying a little closer attention. About two houses later, someone told us the bear was nearby. We started hearing a lot of dogs barking and unfortunately decided that heading back to the church was our best option.

We didn’t get to sell as many cookies as we hoped, but we did get to give the girls our best bear advice: “When you see a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest runner or the best hider or what-not…You just have to be able to run faster than the slowest person!”

We chatted a bit more about camp — almost all of our girls will be going despite the forecasted rain — and played a few rounds of telephone.

Maybe having a story to tell will help the girls as they go around selling their individual cases…”I almost got eaten by a bear…Want to buy some Girl Guide cookies? apparently the bears like them!”


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