Back for a New Year

Liz’s Guiding Year blog is back! I’ve moved to Sudbury, Ontario to study Science Communication at Laurentian University so I’m with a different Guide group and I’m no longer the Contact Guider, but we’Re doing loads of cool stuff and I’m going to keep telling you about it!

I would say the main difference between my unit this year and my unit last year is that in Sudbury, meetings fun for 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours which makes everything seem far less rushed.

We played name/get to know you games for the first half of our first meeting:

1. Going around the circle: We went around the circle and had each girl tell us her name and 3 things about herself.

2. The blanket game: We split the girls into 2 groups and held up a blanket between them. Each team had to choose one person to stand up and when we lowered the blanket, that girls had to say the name of the other person standing up. Whoever was slowest switched teams.

3. The toilet paper game: We passed around a roll of toilet paper and, without telling the girls what it was for, told them all to take as much as they needed. Then, after everyone had taken some we told them that for every square they had they had to tell us one thing they wanted to do this year. We started to run out of time so we limited it to 5 things, but their faces when they found out what they had to do were priceless!

For the second half of the meeting we sent the 2nd and 3rd year girls home and invited the 1st year and new girls’ parents to join us for an information meeting. We covered everything from what goes in a bedroll to badges, dues, upcoming events, cookies, expectations and more.

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