Our Chalet Trip Day 8: Snow and Tears

It had been raining overnight, so when we got up this morning there was snow on the far-away mountain peaks. Lucky for us, one of them was our destination for the morning. We took a bus to a funicular and then rode up to the top in the middle of a snow storm in July — we saw a miniature snowman and did some snowball throwing. photo 2 (3) I think my favourite moment of the day was when we threw a snowball at one of the volunteers and she picked up some snow to get back at us before saying, “Oh! I suppose I’m not supposed to throw snowballs at guests.” Instead, she threw it in the direction of another volunteer who did not look impressed in the least! photo 1 (3) We wandered around for about 5 minutes that seemed like an hour, but there wasn’t much of a view because of the weather so we ended up inside a cafe sipping hot (Swiss) chocolate. photo 3 (3) After returning to the bottom of the mountain, we took a bus to a pier where we ate lunch, grabbed some ice cream (yes, this does make perfect sense given the weather) and  took a ferry to a fairytale castle a little ways away. We wandered through for a couple of hours and then took the bus back to Our Chalet for our last supper: sweet and sour chicken and Swiss-decorated donuts. photo 4 (1) photo 1 (4) Our last evening program was a closing ceremony and campfire. They gave out crests to everyone who managed to complete the Our Chalet challenge (the three of us leaders and 3 girls from our group)! We sang lots of songs, many we knew but some that we didn’t. and each group got to teach/sing a song up at the front. We sang “On My Honour” since we found out the staff didn’t know it, and the girls from NS sang  “Farewell to Nova Scotia.” At closing we got to hear Taps sung in 4 different languages (English, Finnish, Welsh and Danish). I definitely had tears in my eyes as everyone took pictures with all the volunteers. photo 2 (4) As we had our regular pow-wow with our girls at the end of the day, they turned up with gifts that they had pooled their money to buy for us from the store as a thank you. There were definitely more tears then! We finished our packing as the volunteers stood in the hallway and sang us one last closing song! I can’t believe how amazing a trip this has been!

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2 Responses to Our Chalet Trip Day 8: Snow and Tears

  1. Michael Moellenhoff says:

    Thank you for a great description of what the group has been doing!

  2. Marie-Eve says:

    Thank you for blogging about our experience! It is a wonderful way to stop and remember our time there. What a great personal challenge!!! Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with me!

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