Our Chalet Trip Day 7: Rain!

photo 1
We hiked out for about an hour and a half this morning before getting to a huge gorge where we got to rappel down onto a platform over a waterfall. It was really neat, except for the fact that it was pouring rain. The rock was pretty slippery, but most of our girl did it anyways and I was super proud of two in particular who really weren’t sure about it but did it anyway.

photo 2

We had our packed lunch under a small awning before heading over to the woodcarver’s hut to get a few more personalized non-edible souvenirs. We were also able to grab a hot drink at a nearby cafe in order to attempt to warm up. It’s crazy to think about how hot it must be in Montreal right now!

We made it back for cottage (shepherd’s) pie for dinner and peaches and cream for dessert. After dinner we played a bunch of team-building games and they asked for some volunteers to help out with leading groups around and judging games, so I got to do that. It was interesting to watch our girls try to work with the new Danish girls.

Despite the rain today we got to try new things and explore different areas than we have in the past. My rain clothes kept me almost completely dry and I got to explain to non-Canadians what a tuque is.  As one of the volunteers here said, we have to think of the rain as “rain!” Not as “rain :(” I figure that next time it pours at home, it will remind me of all the great adventures we have been having here!

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