Our Chalet Trip Day 6: Free Day

Today was our free day at Our Chalet, so although we got up and had breakfast at the regular time (8am), we were a bit more relaxed and knew we could take our time as we had no programming to get to.

After breakfast, I stayed back with one of the girl who wasn’t feeling too well and did some laundry while the rest of the group went hiking out to the magic tree. Apparently it was a really cool hollow tree where you could make a wish — no news so far about whether any of them have come true.

photo 1

It was pretty cold today, so everyone came back to the chalet to eat lunch inside. A bunch of us attempted to answer Trivial Pursuit questions while we ate, but since the game dated back to the early 90s and it was the genius version, we didn’t have much luck.

After lunch we all walked down the hill into Adelboden to do some shopping. Our first stop was a Swiss Army knife store where you could get your name engraved on one. I think we overwhelmed them a bit with all our orders!

photo 2

After that we split up into 3 groups to do some more souvenir shopping before heading to the grocery store to stock up on Swiss chocolate. We made it back up the hill just in time for dinner: Swiss mac ‘n cheese with applesauce. Now I know you are thinking that this is one of those crazy things I thought up, like dipping French fries in butterscotch pudding (it’s really good, you should try!) but this isn’t just me. Apparently it’s a Swiss thing… And one I will definitely be trying again.

After dinner we didn’t have any evening programming, so I stuck around the dining hall signing off on elements of the Swiss Challenge for girls from one of the American groups. Suddenly, these little kids with sunglasses snuck into the room and surrounded us, trying to steal our glasses and hats and crawl under the table. Apparently it’s a new group from Denmark. They didn’t speak any English other than to tell us that they are crazy. That didn’t stop them from nattering endlessly at us while giggling constantly. I believe they also tried to put on a high school musical performance… We’ll see how they are tomorrow

Our girls worked super hard on making thank you signs for some of our sponsors tonight and it looks like 3 of them (plus us 3 leaders) will be earning our Swiss Challenge. I think the slightly relaxing day was really good for everyone!

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