Our Chalet Trip Day 4: Poop-Pourit

photo 1
Today we hiked…and hiked some more…and then some more. The group split up for the first hike, where one group hiked straight up a mountain for 3 hours and where my group hiked to the base for 2.5 hours and then took a gondola up to a plateau around the middle.
photo 4
photo 3
When we got there we had a very quick lunch before some of us dipped in a glacier lake (about the same temperature as Lac Bouchette for anyone that means something to). To complete a portion of the Our Chalet Challenge, we had to completely submerge ourselves for 5 seconds. I was worried that I might be cold for the rest of the day but it was actually nice and refreshing.
After that was done, we rushed to rejoin the group and begin our second hike. A few people stayed around the lake but most of us continued hiking for a bit over two hours to reach the peak. There was an absolutely amazing view but we didn’t stay long before we had to head back down to catch the gondola and a bus (we were all very happy not to have to walk) back to Our Chalet.
photo 5
We got a quick break before duties and dinner (chili and cream puffs) and then played some games to learn about WAGGS.
I think we’re all going to sleep VERY well tonight!
photo 2
For anyone still wondering, the title of today’s blog refers to the massive amounts of cow dung on the trail!


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