Our Chalet Trip Day 3: Challenges and Adventures

We headed out hiking straight after breakfast today. After about an hour (one of the shortest walks we’ll do this week apparently), we reached an adventure park where we pushed our limits and got to try new things today.
We started off simple with 5 zip lines getting progressively higher. They were set at a nice angle, so you didn’t stop in the middle but you didn’t ram into the end either.
photo 1 photo 2
After that came what I found to be the hardest part of the day: the high ropes course. We were attached with a carabiner, but the ground — rocks and water — was a long way down. It was divided into 4 sections: wooden beams, a wire, a horizontal ladder and a Tarzan swing. I can most definitely say that I could never, ever be a tightrope walker.
photo 3
The third activity was rappelling. Now when I normally think of rappelling, I think of reverse rock climbing but this was a bit different. We started at the tip of a bridge. Leaned backwards until we were horizontal and then just let go with our feet and rappelled down the rope through the air. Kind of scary and very fun!
photo 4
Some of the American girls also tried out the pendulum swing. It was similar to the rappelling but they began with about a 15 m free fall. It looked like fun but insanely scary. There was a lot of screaming!
photo 5
We ate our packed lunches before heading over for the last activity of the day — rock climbing on a natural rock face. It was wonderful to see some of our girls overcome their fear of heights and make it to the top. They even got to belay each other!
Then we hiked back up to Our Chalet for a wonderful dinner of chicken carbonara and mini jam- filled donuts.
Tonight’s night activity was Swiss night. We had a special guest villager who came and demonstrated how the alpine horn is played and let Caralyn and one of our girls try it out. Then we moved inside to learn a traditional Swiss song (Vogellisi), watch a Swiss story acted out, play Swiss jeopardy and eat chocolate fondue.
photo 5
Quotes of the day:
“That was intense — like camping” (stay it out loud if you don’t get it)
“I don’t think I will ever be able to have a baby now” (after girls jumped off the pendulum swing)
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