Meeting #32: Advancement

As usual, we held our advancement ceremony with the Sparks, Brownies, pathfinders and Rangers who meet in the same church basement as us. We began the night by demonstrating each unit’s opening so the parents could watch. Then, group by group, leaders came to the front and advanced their girls. The Pathfinders planned a fun red-carpet evening for us so the girls got to walk up a red carpet as they came forward.

I didn’t order badges quite early enough. So, instead of giving those out, we wrote personalized notes to each of the girls letting them know how much we had enjoyed having them with us this year and that we looked forward to seeing them again in the fall.

photo 1 (2)We also took the time to enrol 3 of our Guides who had joined us part way through the year. Then, it was time for some Brownies to come up and join our unit. I think we scared them a bit because they kept “forgetting” to come and shake our hands. Lastly, our single third year Guide also got to move up to Pathfinders. We’re going to miss her next year!

photo 2 (2)

The Pathfinders made creative awards for each of the leader. I got “best game planner!”

We finished off the night with cupcakes and juice.

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