Meeting #26: 3rd Year Meeting

We have a tradition where our 3rd years girls get to plan a meeting for the unit every year. They normally do this in pairs and since have only have one third year, we let her choose another Guide to help her out. I had sat with them the previous week to guide them in their planning and after debating about doing a badge, they decided on a quiz night. They picked their themes and decided that there would be different stations girls could go to with questions they could try to answer to win points. Their topics were: animals, countries, astronomy, safety, sports, recycling, nature and lord and Lady Baden Powell.

Some of them can be found below. They had to identify the sports from parts of images,


Answer true or false astronomy questions,


Fill in a safety crossword,


and see how many animals they could think of in 5 minutes.Image

The two Guides and I also dug through our cupboard and found a few prizes.

It was a great learning experience for both of them because although it was a bit chaotic at times (we sent anyone with a question their way while we sat back and watched), all the Guides had a fun time. We took a few minutes at the end of the meeting and got some constructive feedback from the girls. It is awesome to see what Guides can do when you let them follow their own interests and take a leading role!

I think my favourite moment of the evening was when a group of girls were pestering us for the answer to one of the quiz questions. They were trying to guess Arizona so we told them it was an Nevada state that started an “N” and ended with an “A.” They asked if it was New Zealand. When I gave them a funny look, they told me the “d” was silent. They had me giggling for quite a while!

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