Meeting #25: Table Manners

In the fall, some of our girls’ parents had asked whether we might do a meeting about table manners. We thought that a tea party might be a fun way to cover the topic. I remembered a meeting we had run with our Guides when I was a Ranger where we had encouraged each Guide to invite a female adult role model and how much fun that had been so we decided to try that for this occasion as well.

We started the meeting off with some skits (always a popular activity) and had the girls sit at tables with their patrols and engage in imaginary conversations. Each girls was given a slip of paper with an action on it (chewing with your mouth open, elbows on the table, interrupting, getting up from the table without being excused, etc.) and we gave them a few minutes to act before having them each try to guess what the others had been doing. It was a very popular game and, at the girls’ request, we played it twice more and even had them come up with their own behaviours.

For the next part of our meeting, we did some planning. The girls decided what they wanted us to serve (herbal tea and squares), how they were going to dress (semi-formal or uniform) and what topics were good table topics and which should be avoided.

We continued with a game where we had the girls try to set a fake table as quickly and accurately as possible. I cut up 4 sets of the diagram below and gave one to each patrol. They had to try and put the pieces back in the right order using only the legend.

ImageOur last activity of the night involved making invitations for our guests. We included what, where, when and asked them to RSVP.

We have a unit with many allergies so it wasn’t simple to find recipes, but we ended up going with chocolate cake (see below) and orange cranberry squares. For the squares, we used this recipe with coconut oil instead of butter, chia seeds instead of eggs and orange extract instead of almond. Both were very tasty!

Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 11.37.33 PM


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