Meeting #24: Curling (Guest Blog)

“Hurry,” ” hurry hard,” “real hard,” “sweep,” “brush,” “whoa!” Not the average sounds of a
Guiding unit meeting. As you might have guessed, that’s curling talk but it’s not just curling, it’s Olympic curling, at least floor style.

IMG_7590The Olympic season has just wrapped up and the Monklands District NDG units wanted to join in on the fun and the spirit of the Games. Two women from Rocks and Rings came to visit along with VIP guest Allison Ross, skip of the Quebec Ladies Provincial Championship team, who was on-hand to help and encourage the Guiders. This event took place at Wesley United Church on NDG Avenue on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

IMG_7549Two mats resembling the curling sheets that we normally see at each end of the ice were laid down on the floor, complete with rings known as the ‘house’ and the ‘button’ in the centre. The girls were split into two groups and while one group started off by learning
about stone weight and throwing, the other group learned how to brush and sweep, later switching. The rules and strategies of the game were explained and then two ends were played, skipped by Allison Ross. Large cue cards were used to teach the girls how to tally up the scores and, in case anybody is wondering, we learned that the real stones or rocks weigh around 42 pounds apiece, so for the exercise, mock rocks on rollerblade type wheels were used, often with great accuracy. A team, it was explained is made up of four people, a skip who calls the game, the lead, a second and a third. A spare sits on the bench but is there in case of an emergency.IMG_7552

Allison, who is based at the Glenmore Curling Club in DDO, showed us her ‘Scotties’ jacket, gold medal and diamond-studded necklace won in provincial competition. Before we wrapped up, each girl member was presented with an official Capital One Rocks and Rings certificate, which Allison autographed.  The girls had a wonderful and ‘rocking’ time. Some even expressed an interest in a real on-ice lesson at a local club or with Allison, which we will try to arrange for next fall.


The floor curling, normally presented in schools by Capital One Rocks and Rings, is aprogram dedicated to teaching the sport of curling to young people. There is a modest cost. More information can be found on their website: Capital One Rocks and Rings – or on their Facebook page.


Thank you to Alexandra Dalgleish for your hard work and guest blog and Rachel Bachmann for your great pictures!




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