Meeting #23: Weaving

After a few very packed meetings, we decided to take it a bit easier and do some weaving to finish up our Heritage Home Skills Badge. Using ideas found here, we gave each girl a styrofoam tray (bought from our local grocery store) and began by having them make little slits along both of the short sides at even intervals. Once that was done, they chose a colour of yarn and wrapped it around and around until they had 8 or so evenly spaced vertical lines.


Then, they chose another colour and weaved in and out. Some of them used a popsicle stick to help them create a corridor for the yarn to go through. Others just used their fingers.


I don’t think anyone managed to finish their project during the meeting but they all took home some extra yarn and I’m predicting that I will see some back at a meeting in a few weeks time.


It was really nice to give the girls a bit of time to chat amongst themselves. We also made time for a nice campfire that included Old Lady Leary and Wip-poor-Whil.

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