Meeting #19: Egg Stories and Thinking Day

I was incredibly curious to see how the egg babies survived so watching all the girls arrive (most of them with eggs) was quite an event. After our opening, we sat in a circle and gave each girl a chance to tell us about the best and worst part of carrying for her egg over the course of the week. We heard about smelly eggs, drowned eggs, lost eggs, quiet eggs, dropped eggs and everything else in between. We also passed around a jar for the money the girls had raised for the Canadian World Friendship Fund and it totaled almost $60!

For the rest of the meeting, we did Thinking Day related activities. We started off by talking a bit about what Thinking Day celebrates and how there are Guides all over the world.  We then split the girls into a few groups and gave them each a word and an action. For example, one of the groups had February 22 as their word and jump up and yell happy birthday as their action.  We read the story of Thinking Day from their Guide Handbook and each time they heard their word, they had to do their action. It was quite entertaining!

We finished off our meeting with a game of Guiding jeopardy (see below) to see how much each patrol knew about Guiding.


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