Meeting #18: Second Heritage Night

We found that the heritage homeskills badge required too many activities for just one night so we decided to spread it over two meetings. You can read about the first one here. Everyone loves food, so we split the unit into three groups and had them decide what they wanted to make. We have a fair number of girls with allergies so although we didn’t manage to find three recipes that all the girls could taste, we made sure that they would all be able to enjoy at least two.

We forgot the sugar at home so one of our leaders had to run out and buy some more, but it gave the girls a chance to ask any questions they had about the eggs that they were going to take home at the end of the night. We also gave them a few minutes to decorate them (in order to avoid them being mistakenly eaten, among other reasons).

1. Coconut Milk Ice Cream

We got our recipe here and it worked very well. The only thing I would do differently next time is to refrigerate the cans upside down as we weren’t able to open the bottom with the can-opener we had. Although I own an ice cream maker, we figured it would be more fun to do it zip-lock bag style to emphasize the heritage theme and so we could talk a little bit about the science behind using the salt to freeze the ice cream.

2. Fieldberry Jam

After taste-testing, this recipe turned out to be the girls’ favourite. They used a potato masher and frozen berries for a wonderful — and not too sweet — tasting jam.


3. Butter

I have great memories of shaking whipping cream to make butter at camp when I was a Guide, so it seemed like a logical recipe to add to our meeting. We did it with two jars and lots of muscle. The girls even got to taste the resulting buttermilk as well.


Once the girls were all done, we passed around crackers and food for a great feast!

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