Passing the Torch: Monklands District Winter Camp

Monklands District decided to join in the Olympic fun with a camp of its own this last weekend at Centre Notre-Dame-de-Faitma. 47 girls, from Sparks to Pathfinders, and 9 leaders celebrated with great mild weather and lots of snow.

The weekend began with our opening ceremony where we used the Olympic torch generously passed on from the Valois-Doral camp the previous weekend to metaphorically light the first flashlight in a circle. From there the flame was passed along from girl to girl.

We continued the ceremony in the daylight once the girls had been divided into five countries. We raised the flag and talked about what the Olympic motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger” meant in the context of our camp and how as Guides we always try to do our best.


Throughout the day the girls got to participate in both luge and snowshoeing biathlon – snowshoeing and snowball throwing – events, decorated flags made from old tent fabric, created salt-dough art and got stage-ready for our evening talent show. Some of the Guides also earned their campfire leader badge for planning our evening campfire. We were lucky enough to have it outside and they kept us nice and toasty warm with lots of action songs.


The inspiration for the weekend was provided by the Guides as they read bedtime stories to the Sparks and Brownies. Whether this will encourage them to become future Olympians or future Girl Guides, nobody knows.


The next day involved packing –which should perhaps be an Olympic event – an epic (or so the girls called it) return trip to the luge hill, Guide’s Own and a closing ceremony where we were serenaded with each country’s cheer.

In the spirit of both the Olympics and Guiding, the Olympic torch has been passed along to the Montreal West Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, who are holding their Olympic camp this weekend.


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