Meeting #17: Egg Babies

We decided to creatively complete the child care badge this year by having the girls take care of a hard-boiled egg for a week. We knew that this was going to be a tough challenge for the girls, so before giving out the eggs, we spent a meeting getting their input on what they thought should be required. I came up with little booklets/diaries they could use to keep track of how everything was going throughout the week.



Printed double-sided, it folded up into a nice booklet with the above pages on the inside. On the outside, we had instructions on how to care for the egg.


The girls were, naturally, a bit apprehensive. I think my favourite quotes of the night were:

“What if my mom is taking care of it, and then she puts it in the fridge, and then she forgets, and then she gives it to me for lunch, and then I eat my baby!!!!”

“I think I’m going to call it food.” “You’re going to call it WHAT?!?!?!”

“But if I take it to school my teacher won’t let me have it on my desk and there are mean boys who will kick it for fun!”

Now here’s where the really fun part comes in, we decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and fundraise for the Canadian World Friendship fund (CWFF) at the same time.

ImageWe figured that there might be times when the girls couldn’t/didn’t want to take care of their eggs, cracks and potentially even

egg-death so instead of simply telling them they couldn’t get the badge if they didn’t bring back a perfect egg that they had watched 24/7, we gave them some alternatives.

If they wanted someone to babysit their egg, there was a cost. But, the money didn’t go to the babysitter, it went to the CWFF. They were still responsible for their choice of babysitter and thus

the safety of their egg, but it gave them the option to spend a little time apart from it.

Lots of the girls were very worried about school, so we also gave them the option of fridge-sitting. We figured


that parents might not want to take care of an egg all day (and that wasn’t really the point), so if girls couldn’t take their egg to school and there was nobody to babysit it, they could stick it in the fridge. However, this came with a higher cost and a time limit.

If their egg got damaged or cracked, there were also costs for trips to the hospital, and in the worst case, early death.

Lastly, we figured that as the girls talked to people about their egg baby (since carrying around an egg seems to create conversation, some people might want to donate to the CWFF. Thus, we told the girls that they could also raise money for their baby’s education fund (REESP — thanks Dad for the acronym).

In patrols, the girls talked about what they thought the costs would be. We encouraged them to make them low enough that they would be able to pay them without too much difficulty, but high enough that we could raise a bit of money.

We spent the last 20 minutes of the meeting creating shelters for the eggs out of egg cartons and whatever else we could find in the craft cupboard. I am very curious to see how this will all turn out and hear all the stories the girls have to tell!

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