Meeting #15: Sock Puppets

We’ve decided to work on the Heritage Home Skills badge and so our first activity was sewing. We tried doing some sewing last year, but it was a bit of a disaster. The girls had so much trouble threading the needles that we didn’t get very far at all. So, this year we came up with a few ideas to make it more successful.


1. Pre-threading

We pre-threaded enough needles for all the girls. This meant that they had to thread their own needle the second time, but as they all sewed at different rates, they didn’t all need help with that aspect at the same time.

2. Team-work

We had the girls pair themselves up so that inexperienced sewers could get some help from more experienced ones.

sock material

3. Practice knot tying

Last year we also discovered that our girls had more trouble tying knots than we expected. So, before we began, we practiced tying 2 strands together, using their scarves.

All in all, the meeting was a great success. There were a couple girls who told me they had always wanted to know how to sew but that their mom had never had time to teach them.

They were all very proud of the sock puppets they made!


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