Meeting #14: First Night Back

It was nice to see all the girls back after the break for the holidays and I was quite jealous to hear about all the had been up to and they trips that lots of them went on!

We sometimes find that with a group the size of ours (24 girls) it is a bit difficult to have a productive conversation everyone together so we decided to split the group into three smaller groups and go from there.

One of the activities we wanted to do was to reward the girls who have been bringing their Guide bags and wearing uniform. It was time to trade in the beads they had received for prizes.  We had planned to go to the dollar store to pick some up, but looking around the house, we managed to find enough little toys, gadgets and leftover Halloween candy for everyone to get a prize. The goal of the beads was to teach girls responsibility so we weren’t replacing any that were lost, but a fair number of the girls had had trouble with that and we wanted to avoid any tears so we made sure that there was something for everyone. The girls with the most beads were placed in the first group to look at prizes so they go first pick (and thus were rewarded for their good work) but everyone left happy anyways.

Our second group started off with Laura talking about what they had enjoyed most about the year so far, anything they hadn’t liked and brainstorming for a service project. They used the sandwich approach for constructive comments: Something they likes, something they didn’t like, and something else they liked.

The third group spent a while with me while I introduced them to the Lady Baden Powell award. We hadn’t ever really talked about it before and although I made a point of mentioning that it wasn’t anything mandatory and that it would require some extra work, I wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested had the opportunity to work on it. We also took that time to talk a little bit more about how the Guide program is organized and how they could always work on some badges themselves at home if they like.

Once all three groups rotated through the three activities, we played a couple games. We began with Cat and Mouse where everyone chooses a partner and links arms. I split up one of the teams, choosing one girl to be the cat and one to be the mouse. The cat had to try to tag the mouse, but if the mouse linked arms with anyone, the person on the far side of the link became the mouse. They ran around like crazy and used up lots of their energy!

Our second game was the Farmer and the Chicken. Once again, the girls had to pair up but this time they made a circle with one girl (the chicken) kneeling in front of the other (the farmer). We had one lone farmer who had to stick out her tongue at any chicken who had to try to crawl over without her own farmer noticing. If the farmer noticed, she could try to tap her lightly on the shoulder but couldn’t move her feet.

We finished up with our campfire, singing Fire’s Burning, Old Lady Leary, Eddy and Taps.

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