Meeting #12: Christmas Carolling

Every year, some of the Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders from our district go and sing Christmas carols for the elderly. We normally sing a set of them in the basement for anyone who wants to come listen and then wander the halls singing for those who aren’t as mobile. We always make a craft to take with us (foam Christmas ornaments decorated with glitter glue and sequins this year) and hand them out to spread holiday cheer.

I was very happy to see that all the girls from our unit showed up and had fun singing the songs we had practiced: We wish you a Merry Christmas, Rudolph, Jingle Bells, The Reindeer Pokey and Frosty the snow man. The residence seemed to enjoy it and they even had candy canes to hand out to our girls as we distributed the hand-made ornaments.

We were about to head upstairs to continue our carolling, when we were informed by the woman in charge that we wouldn’t be able to this year. Apparently the home had gone from private to public and we weren’t allowed to “impose” our Christmas spirit on anyone. We were supposed to sing for about an hour so it was suggested that we repeat our set.

We weren’t convinced, but at least it was a way to keep our girls busy while we figured out an alternative solution. By the time the songs had all been performed again, we were ready. Nobody has ever said that Girl Guides don’t know any songs so we decided there was no need to stick to the Christmas theme. We sang:

– Hermie the Worm

– 40 Years on an Iceburg

– The Other Day (I Met a Bear)

– The Moose Song

– Eddie (Cucha Catcha Cama)

– Corn

– On My Honour (complete with the sign language chorus we had practiced)

The girls were a bit confused at first, but soon they were requesting their favourite songs and different leaders just kept jumping up and leading them.

For me, this is proof of a great team. We were able to come together, even without a plan, and lead a fun night for the girls and the elderly we were visiting.

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