Meeting #8: Bridging and Reading

When we did our brainstorming for the year, some of our girls mentioned that they would like to do some activities with the younger girls so we asked the Spark leaders whether we might be able to do something with them.

The idea we came up with was to have a PJ party reading night. We invited all of our girls to bring one of their favourite books from when they were Spark age and suggested that all the girls (Guides and Sparks) come dressed in pyjamas. The sparks are having a sleepover soon, so it was good practice for them.

We had about twice as many Guides and Sparks so we paired 2 of our girls up with each of the younger ones and told them to find a comfortable spot around the room. I brought in a whole bunch of my own books from home so they had loads to choose from and it kept them busy for most of the night.

Some of our Guides were a little worried about their reading skills because they go to school in French, but by being paired up, they were more confident and didn’t have to read if they didn’t want to.

While they were reading, we pulled out a few groups at a time and gave them material to make a bookmark that they could take home with them. We cut up strips of paper and brought out our huge bin of yarn so they could choose a piece to tie to the top. For decorating, we used ink pads and a set of alphabet stamps. They had loads of fun stamping their names and whatever else they liked.

Our girls always impress me. Even though we didn’t take the time to talk about how they should act with the younger girls, they were perfect role models and took great care of them — letting them choose some of the books and helping them with the craft.

Of course, we also invited the Sparks to join us for our campfire at the end. We had each of our patrols choose a (Spark appropriate) song and use their growing leadership skills to run the campfire.

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