Meeting #4: Pen Pals

Laura, one of our leaders, has a friend with a Girl Guide group in Australia so we thought it might be fun to pen pal with them.

We sent home an e-mail asking parents whether they would be okay with us sharing their daughter’s contact information with the Australian girls so they could write individual letters, but as a unit we also decided to send a package all together.

We wanted out girls’ personalities to shine though but also to represent Canada as a whole so we have the girls pieces of paper with letter templates (questions like: “What is your favourite thing about Canada?” and “What do you like most about Guides?” and told them to write a letter about themselves and that they could of course include a few questions about Australia and Guiding across the world.

A couple girls said they didn’t know how to write in English since they go to school in French so I suggested they could always write a few words and draw some pictures.

While some girls were writing letters, we had the others make swaps to send as well. Pintrest is a wonderful thing and we adapted the craft below.

We also decided to include some maple candies because who doesn’t like maple candies?


The girls really enjoyed sharing stories about Guiding in Canada and are looking forward to hearing back from the other side of the world!

Keeping with the theme, we included Kookaburra in our weekly campfire. Much to my dismay (but perhaps for the best) we left out my favourite verse

Kookaburra sits on the telephone wire

Jumping up and down ’cause his bum’s on fire

Fry, Kookaburra fry, Kookaburra

Tasty you will be! Hahaha!

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