Meeting #3: Guide Promise and Brainstorming

We started our third meeting off with a promise game since enrolment is coming up and the new girls need to learn it. Before the meeting, I took four colours of construction paper (one for each patrol) and cut it into clothes-shaped pieces (socks, shirts, skirts, pants, etc). On each piece I wrote different parts of the promise so there was a whole set in each colour. When we were ready to start, I spread them all around the meeting room and told each patrol they had to find one whole set. Then, we tacked a “clothesline” for each patrol in different corners of the room and had them line up in front of it. They went up one by one — relay race style — and each girl could either hang up a piece of promise clothing (using paperclips) or move one around. When they thought they had it all in order, they were to sit down so we could check it. The game worked very well and I think they are all feeling more comfortable with the promise


After the game, we decided to have a literal brainstorming session. We started by going around the circle and having each girl say one thing she enjoyed doing last year. Then, we gave each of them four pieces of paper and had them write down something they would like to do this year. This is when our brain “storm” began. We crumpled them up and threw them around the room for a few minutes. It was great fun! Then, when I said stop, they each grabbed four new pieces and sat down again. We put 3 buckets in the middle of the circle (“Yes!” “Maybe” and “No thanks) and as we went around the circle, girls read one at a time so the unit could decide what bucket to put it in.  Our most popular proposals were: Spa night, haunted house and skating.

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