Tag Variations

My friend Rachel who volunteers with a group of Brownies in Guelph recently told me about a new game she tried with her girls: “Sticker Tag.” It involves giving each girl a sheet of stickers, letting them run around until all the stickers are gone and seeing who has the least number stuck to them at the end.

It reminded me of a number of great Tag variations:

Hot dog tag: When you are tagged, you have to lie down on the ground like a hot dog until two more people lie down next to you to create your bun and unfreeze you.

Toilet tag: When you are taggged, you must stand with your hand out in front of you. For you to become unfrozen, someone must push on your hand. You then have to turn around and make flushing sounds before you start running again.

Pacman tag: This one works well in a gym with lines on the floor though you can create some yourself with tape. It is like regular tag, but the girls can only run on the lines.

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One Response to Tag Variations

  1. hahaha we played hotdog tag a couple meetings ago. To make it even more hilarious, tell the girls they have to “wiggle like weiners.” We logicked it like this. If you are a hotdog, and lying down, it’s obvious for a bun to come lie beside you. But if you already have one bun, how will the new bun know which side to lie down on? Well, you must wiggle, of course!

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