Welcome Back!

We started back at Guides this week and our first meeting was great — pretty hectic but great!

We normally meet in a church basement, but there was an event going on there so we were told we could either meet outside or in various small rooms. As we have 4 units meeting at the same time, it was a bit difficult to find a spot for everyone but we eventually ended up with a long narrow room.

This is my first year as contact Guider so I got to station myself at the entrance to talk to the parents as they arrived and collect all the health forms and dues. By the time that was done, I made my way back to our room and was glad to see that my two co-leaders had started the meeting already. I missed hearing everyone’s name, but we have quite a few returning girls so I hope they won’t be too hard to remember.

We played one of my favourite get-to-know you games called “Zip Zap Zop.” You have everyone stand in a circle with one person in the middle. The middle girl points to someone in the circle and says “Zip zap zop.” If she can say that before the person she pointed to can say the name of the person to her right, the person in the circle has to sit down. Once someone is sitting down, you pretend she is no longer in the circle when you have to say the name of the person to your right. The person in the middle should start out slow and get faster. We played a couple rounds and there was lots of giggling all around.

When that was done, we spent a few minutes talking about rules and upcoming events before playing another game.

The layout of the meeting room was a bit of a challenge, but I happened to remember a game I had played as a Pathfinder called “Tree, log, bridge” that I predicted would work well for us. It is a sort of relay race where you have two or more teams line up and when you yell go, the first person runs out a tiny bit to become a tree (stand up and make branches). The second person has to go around the tree and be a log (lie down on the ground). The third person has to go around the tree, over the log and make a bridge. The fourth person has to go around the tree, over the log, under the bridge and make a new tree and so on until everyone is in position. At that point, the first tree gets to go through the line, but instead of becoming something new when she gets to the end, she sits down. Then the first log goes through and does the same thing and so on until everyone is sitting down. The first team with everyone sitting down wins.

As luck would have it, all our tiniest girls ended up being the bridges, so we thought next time we might have two people for a bridge standing up instead of just one…There might be fewer collapses.

We had decided not to try and cover any program material during the first meeting and just make it a really fun one, so we played another game: “Handshake Murderer.” It is like wink murder, but instead of sitting in a circle (which would have been challenging), the girls all walk around shaking hands. The murderer has to scratch the inside of the person’s hand and then they have to shake two more hands before they die. The detective walks around too and has to figure out who the murderer is.

We decided this year that we wanted to try to have a campfire at the end of every meeting, so we sang “Fire’s Burning,” “Black Socks,” “The Other Day (The Bear Song),” “Corn” and “Taps.”

Hopefully we will get all 23 girls back next week!

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